After having taught for more than 10 years, I have noticed that one of the biggest challenges facing teachers is the inability to make students see the “real life” importance of what they learn in classrooms. Students would try to engage with the topic in class, do their homework and then promptly forget about it. This would happen often, particularly in my Literature classes as many students have the impression that literature is only confined to novels and other forms of written work.


When I was first introduced to BeED, I was impressed by the innovative approach that they have towards education. Here, we work under the mission of taking education beyond classroom walls. Our Academic Writers, who are all qualified educators themselves, share the belief that students learn best not from textbooks, but from physically exploring the world around them. Imagine how much more memorable it would be if a student were to learn about the concept of the Golden Ratio and symmetry by visiting the Taj Mahal, or about literary themes from exhibitions at the Louvre Museum!


Our shared passion for experiential learning is evident in all our Learning Experiences. Through these interactive sessions, classroom lessons come to life, allowing learners to discover their world in their own time and at their own pace. At the same time, by creating these unique Learning Experiences, global educators have the opportunity to share their ideas, knowledge and experience across nations and cultures, making education what it has always aspired to be: without boundaries or borders.


By our bridging the gap between textbook learning and a real life application of knowledge, we thus hope to make academic lessons more rewarding, insightful and memorable.


With this in mind, it is with great pleasure that all of us at BeED welcome you to the journey of making education more dynamic and relevant through the creation of these one-of-a-kind Learning Experiences.


Feel free to drop us a line if you have any concerns or questions – we'd be more than happy to get back to you, and to give you whatever help you need to create your own Learning Experiences!


Head of Academic Department

Joining the world of Contributors

Step 1: Learn

Step 2: Write

You will soon receive an email from us with the password to access the following pages: 

  1. Handbooks & Templates

  2. Training Videos

  3. World Syllabi

These materials will serve as a step-by-step guide for you throughout the writing process.

Step 3: Submit

Once you are familiar with our format and requirements, you can begin writing!


Finished drafts should be submitted to


Our team of experts will vet your work and professional assistance is provided where necessary. 

Upon finishing final edits, you are now finally ready to upload your very own Learning Experience!

Congratulations, you are now finally on your journey as a writer in charge of your own products on our marketplace.

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